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Want to complete your first triathlon? Break a personal record? Qualify for Kona?

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If you are a triathlete or an aspiring triathlete, it's very likely you have some sort of goal. Be it learn to swim so you'll get through your first triathlon ever, or to compete for age-group awards. Whatever your ability level, we are here to help you achieve those goals. It all starts with the advice we'll send you right to your inbox! So - are you ready to start achieving your triathlon goals?

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The 5-step roadmap to completing your first Triathlon

Consider doing your first triathlon and want to be prepared while enjoying the process?

3 x 3 Essential swim, bike and run sessions

I'd like to really maximize my training benefits with highly effective workouts.

Strength training checklist - Triathlon specific routine

I realize the importance of strength training, and want a triathlon-specific routine.

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